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HYT H1 Air RC44 148-AB-52-GF-TB

Davide Cerrato of HYT Watches Beyond the Stars

HYT cheap luxury watches is revived after being acquired by Kairos Expertise Switzerland and Davide Cerrato has been appointed Chief Government Officer of the new venture. Cerrato was Head of Advertising, Design and Product Growth at Tudor from 2007 to 2015. For the next 5 years, he served as Managing Director of the Montblanc Watch Division. So if you like the improvements each manufacturer has made over the years, you'll be as excited as we are to see what the long-term might hold for the HYT watch - a younger model that was only introduced in 2012. Fluid time indication, for raison d'être. All the editors and industry professionals here are generally impressed by {a crazy watchmaker mixing mechanical watchmaking with hydrographic components} and never doubt it. HYT Watches is recognized by many as a hydro-mechanical watchmaker. In any case, these items are nothing like those previously developed by Cerrato. We interviewed him as soon as possible after he settled in this new location.

You have made the necessary decisions to take the helm of HYT Watches. What is the biggest potential you see on this model, now that the fluid time indication is still very special, but not as novel as when the model first appeared? HYT Hastroid Green Laser

Thanks for this very compelling query. On the one hand, you might be absolutely right. Expertise is now 10 years out of date. On the other hand, it's clearly not delivering... (More)

More Notes For Tonight's WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Contains Spoilers)

-- The following are more notes for tonight's WWE Friday Night Smackdown, as reported by and likely include spoilers.

Karion Kross and Scarlett are scheduled to be back on tonight's episode and will feature their full presentation, including the hourglass entrance.